Friday, October 8, 2010

Yess...We are The CopyCat...

Trme ksh daun keladi,
Next time tulis byk2 lg psl kami.

Tme ksh la utk gelaran yg sgt special tu..we're very appriciate tme give us a special know?thats quite annoying..yeah,it is..because you think that you'reself are so good...we love to be you're fans..because all of you are famous..not like us..not pretty,not famous,not clever,not cute..all of us are very proud to copy another style of make another special style for us to copying..I know you not sincere friends with's alright..i understand..i know you don't like me since we in year 6.i know all of you don't like friends and i ten times don't like all of don't try to be nice with time,if you want to condemn us,said it in front of us..don't talk so not nice..ok sayang??


  1. sayang??hahaha..copycat lg..haha..
    terima kasih daun keladi,
    lain kali x jumpa lagi..haha..mmg itu yg aku nk!kan fana..

  2. aah nooral..mmg pn..klu ka nk twu smpai skrg pn xpuas hati lg dgn kita..aku ng yg len blh sbor je xtwu lme mne


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